recipe: cranberry cheesecake chocolate brownies

Christmas is coming so what better excuse to pimp up your favourite brownie recipe. Chocolate brownies are always a crowd pleaser but these are made extra special with a cool, creamy cheesecake topping and are studded with jewel like cranberries. Again for a bit of extra effort you have something just a little bit special…… Continue reading recipe: cranberry cheesecake chocolate brownies

recipe: festive protein balls

Sometimes only something sweet will get rid of that mid morning / mid afternoon craving that often accompanies a cup of tea. Yes, you could reach for the biscuits (if your office is anything like mine there are usually some lying around) but I have started reaching for one of these homemade protein balls instead.…… Continue reading recipe: festive protein balls

Weeknight tandoori salmon with a mango & cucumber salsa

It’s been a bit of a day. You haven’t stopped and barely had time to take breath. It’s home time and all you need is a plate of something satisfying and some time around the table with the people you love. Step into the light, tandoori salmon. It sounds swish but it’s easy peasy and…… Continue reading Weeknight tandoori salmon with a mango & cucumber salsa