recipe: autumnal chicken in a cider sauce

The nights are drawing in and the apples are falling from the tree. Queue one of my favourite times of year, autumn, with its hedgerows bursting with berries, bags of windfall fruit and cider festivals! An excuse to stand in a field on a bright autumn day with a pint or two of local cider…… Continue reading recipe: autumnal chicken in a cider sauce

review: JB’s Smokehouse

Smoked meats. 200+ craft beers. Ping pong. Those are surely the makings of a perfect ‘man night’ but also the three basic tenants of JB’s Smokehouse, a casual American inspired bar in St Helier. If I am honest I am generally fairly skeptical of ‘American style’ dining and particularly of barbecue offerings outside the Deep…… Continue reading review: JB’s Smokehouse

recipe: a Mediterranean summer salad

I may have just spent 10 days indulging in plates of Greek deliciousness but I can assure you that I have been feeding my mild feta addiction for quite some time! On a relaxed summer’s day a tasty salad is a perfect way to satiate your afternoon or evening hunger and this salad packs a…… Continue reading recipe: a Mediterranean summer salad